Sbix to SVG issue in Glyphs 3 (working in Glyphs 2)


I have been creating SVG fonts from sbix iColor PNG layers for a while in Glyphs 2 but when I try it in Glyphs 3 I get blank glyphs instead of letters. Yet the settings and indeed setup I use are exactly the same.

Has the process changed?


The user process has not changed. The internal structures have changed quite a bit. So it might be broken in some situations. Can you send me your file for testing?

Of course, please see uploaded. (150.6 KB)

So the user-process did change after all. I though you where opening a file from Glyphs 2 and it wouldn’t work.

So instead of renaming the layer, you need to right click it and select “iColor” form the context menu. Then double click the layer name to set the image size in the popup.

Perfect, worked first time. Thought was doing something wrong but could not figure out what.

Thank you very much for this, much appreciated.