Scale issue: Nodes collapse when using the % scale


Let me know if this is something I am doing wrong but when I use scale in Glyphs 3 my shape collapses to a single point. e.g.

Apply -5% scale (horizontal only) to the shape:

This doesn’t happen in Glyphs 2 using the same inputs. I have video but can’t upload by default.


Scaling works differently in Glyphs 3:

Hi Florian,

Absolutely I checked this and that is how I would expect it to be (I searched the forum so as not to present a known issue or fault of mine).

When I scale using 90% I get the same odd behaviours:

This is 95%, one click to reduce to 95% of the width


You are scaling 95% horizontally – which is fine – but also 0% vertically. Change the second scaling field to 100% to keep the vertical scale or click the lock icon to close it which scales both axes by the same amount.

Ah, that was it! I am sorry I was so focused on the single axis

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