Scaling glyphs horizontally?

Forgive me if this is a stupid question but how can I scale a selection of glyphs by 90% horizontally? Seems like a very basic functionality but I cannot find it. The “Transformations” panel only seems to support isotropic scaling.

Seems like the Transformation filter panel should offer an option for scaling x/y, separately, similar to the Transformation palette. That said, have you tried using the Transformation palette:

  • select a number of glyphs in the Font view,
  • set the top % number in the Transformation palette to 10%; the second, to 0%. You’ll need to have the “lock” unlocked, of course.
  • then, press the minus (-) sign to shrink by 10% horizontally.

Set your origin point via the Grid or perhaps just using the baseline metric. Hope that makes sense.

Note that I haven’t tried that, a lot, so I don’t know if it’ll fully suffice your needs.

I will look into the scaler issue.

The transformation panel does not scale the width.

Thanks for your help, composerjk, but the problem is that the side bearings are not scaled, as Georg pointed out.

As a temporary workaround, you could first scale isomorphically using the Transformations Filter, and afterwards scale up vertically by 11,111% using the Palette.

Ah, that’s a smart idea. Will try that.

I second the request for transform selected glyphs horizontally, or vertically – without having to fiddle around with multiple processes.

This will be fixed.