Scaling information for imported images

Version 1.3.19 (461) OS X 10.8.2

One difference noted: on imported images, previously if one were selected it would show the percentage in the info box at the bottom. It still does show it, but instead of the original scaling percentage of 1320%, it now shows 13.2%.

Version 1.3.19 (461) OS X 10.8.2

After reading what I wrote above several times, I think it is too confusing the way it is worded so let me try again.

If I import an image, before I do anything else it shows an imported percentage of 1% in the info panel at the bottom; in previous versions it showed as 100%. After typing the value of 1320% into both x&y fields of the info panel, it scales the image to 1320% but shows 13.2% in this version compared to the actual value of 1320% displayed in previous versions.

Also, in this version rounding is happening in the scaling process of an image. If I scale at 1355 it gets rounded UP to 1360. If I type in 1365% it rounds DOWN to 1360%. Then if I try 1375% it rounds UP to 1380%, and if I type in 1385% it rounds DOWN to 1380%. So every step of 20% changes the rounding direction. In all cases the displayed value is divided by 100.

Still a confusing issue, but I think that better describes it now.

I did understand it the first time but didn’t had time to investigate this. Will do so in the next few days.

I’m seeing the same thing with inputting scale for images. The up and down arrow keys also don’t work in those boxes as I’ve come to expect.

Also, it seems that turning off View > Show Image does not hide the image (but does make it impossible to select). Edit: That is, before anything has been drawn. Adding a segment makes the image disappear.

I can confirm what Eliason is seeing with the image view problem and its disappearance.

I can confirm on 1.3.19 (461). For example, to scale by 300% I type in 300%, but the value displays as 3%. Changing the value with buttons sets it to .1%.

I just uploaded a new beta version that should fix the display of the scaling.