Scaling with bounding box?

(i realise i’m enquiring mainly about porting features from Illustrator over at the moment)

Would it be possible to have a bounding box for scaling, and also have the bounding box rotate like Illustrator.


Also has relevance to

As of now, you can rotate freely with the Rotate tool ®, scale freely with the Scale tool (S).

But it doesn’t allow scaling along an axis parallel to a rotation applied, like the video?

You don’t need a transformation box to achieve that goal. Rotate it, perhaps reposition it if necessary, then select the two nodes at the end, and when you start dragging, magnetic guidelines will appear.

Ah, thanks again!

Would it possible to have a hotkey that binds this magnetic guideline for dragging? For smaller adjustments it tends to pull off

Press the ctrl key to temporarily disable snapping.