Scratch area

You know, there’s something I always wished FL had and now I’m feeling the need in Glyphs.

I have a lot of little “pieces”. Bits of curves, rectangles and circles of certain sizes, etc. In FL I would just fill up the space character with junk paths until I needed the space character and then I would move the pieces to an unfinished character space.

Is there a way to create a scratch area? I know that the area around a character functions as a scratch area but the various items show up when the character is previewed. Plus I have to move the pieces when the character is finished.

can’t you just create a new character named “scratch”?

I suppose. I guess I was thinking of a kind of floating area.

I thought about this before but could not find a good solution. But having a glyph with all you stuff and put it next to your glyphs in edit mode is almost as good.

Of course it is. However, I like things in their proper places. I often leave “pieces” lying around in random glyphs by accident.

Creating typefaces is exacting work. Finding a random place to put components doesn’t seem to fit the methodology. Kind of like a woodworker not having proper places to put his tools.