Script 2

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thanks for answering me
this is the idea with only one circle, but I want to apply that at all a font (each letter is only made with circles)
thanks again

This would be quite easy. Just go through all paths and remove all off curve points.


Yes, but I want to do that with a typography wich already exist in more than 4 weight. So I want to know if it’s possible to create some scripts to automatize the transformation of each circle. Also because each letter is made with more than one circle. And if a script like that already exist.


And I have another question about Glyphs. I want to use it to get the correct spacing to an italic font wich is already done in fontalb. So, is it possible to import this font in Glyphs and do the correct spacing before and after the letters, based of the spaces regular font ? Because for italic one, when I open it in Glyphs, the shape on the background is not angled like the typography so I can’t work on the spacing.

So this is what I have.
And this is what I want.

Thank you very much and sorry for my english.

Just put in the Italic angle in the masters settings.

For the Curves thing:
Put this in the Macro window:

It works on all selected glyphs.

Thanks you so much, everything is working now.
I juste ask you one last question about script : is it possible to apply it to a selection ? Finally, I prefer combine circles and squares, and I want to select with my mouse the circles I want to change with the script.
Thanks again.

If you do it one glyph at a time, it is quite easy to only select the off curve points and delete them.