Script for expanding kerning by percentage

In the last stage of a project the client asked to expand the spacing of the typeface a bit. I’ve used mekablues script to expand the spacing by percentage, worked like a charm. I’ve already kerned the whole font, is there a script that expand the kerning by percentage as well? The only one I could find was from mekablue as well, but that one is based on values (instead of percentage) I believe.

Thanks in advance!

Are you sure that changing spacing by percentage is what you what? Because there are some glyphs that will become narrower (if they have a big overhanging part like the “f”). And normally the kerning is still fine as it is just a correction of the spacing.

I see… Maybe just adding a few extra units using Transformation filter would be a better solution?


There is a script for called Adjust Kerning that can do it (with the multiply option), but I deem it very unlikely you will ever really need it; so I would not recommend it either.

Thinkable scenario: conversion of imported kerning after a UPM change.