Script to find glyphs: arabic liagutures with moving dots

To build a ligature with components that have dots, you need to assign the dot to snap with a specific anchor (i.e. top_1 or top_2). Sometimes, for whatever reason, when a dot is not assigned an anchor, the dot can manually be moved, and the glyph still displays automatic alignment.

What is the fastest way to find these glyphs?


Can you send me a file?

This script should help:

layers = []
for glyph in Font.glyphs:
	for master in Font.masters:
		layer = glyph.layers[]
		if layer and layer.hasAlignedSideBearings():
			for component in layer.components:
				if component.isAligned() < 0:
					if layer not in layers:
print layers

and in v1263 the last line can be:

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