Script Typeface — All caps


I’m working on a script-style typeface with position alternates, stylistic sets etc.

Right now I’m trying to find a solution for an »all-caps« situation. I’d like to switch the normal caps to .isol caps as soon as two caps follow each other. Is there a simple and clean way to do so?

I created a Caps class with A-Z and a AllCaps class with A.isol–Z.isol.

I got:

sub @Caps @Caps' by @AllCaps;
sub @Caps' @AllCaps by @AllCaps;

but I don’t think it’s the best way to go and not all glyphs seem to change.

Thanks for your help.

I woud try:

sub @Caps' @Caps by @AllCaps;
sub @AllCaps @Caps' by @AllCaps;

Should the substitution occur only if the whole word is in caps?

That would be more complex. In that case, see Tal Leming’s OT Cookbook, especially the contextual fraction feature in ‘common techniques’, where there is a similar situation with figures.

Thanks! Works.

@mekkablue – it’s OK like this, as soon as more than one Cap follow each other it should change to isolated. But thanks for the link.