Script visual editor

Feature Request:

is it possible to make the python script editor visual?

  1. syntax of glyphs api
  2. autofix/suggest the classes/ properties of the object,…
  3. api reference in the right side window, with search ability.
  4. Ability to save the script and autosave

This is just a suggestion, based on what I have seen in other applications (not in a glyphs making app) which uses python for extensions.

Yes, we have some improvements for the Macro Window on the list, but it will never become a full-fledged Python editor. It is intended just for quick throw-away code. I recommend SublimeText and TextMate for more serious scripting.

You know you can access the API reference with the Help button in the lower left corner, right?

I recommend:

  • the Python for Glyphs snippets (for TextMate and SublimeText),
  • App > Method Reporter in the mekkablue scripts,
  • and Mark’s Skedge plug-in if you are creating reporter plug-ins.

(Find links on the Extend page.)


I am little confused, is TextMate free or licensed?
On the github it shows GPL license. but on their site they are charging for the license!
Please advise.
If TextMate is licensed, I will use Atom editor, instead.

Version 2 of Textmate is free.

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does glyphs support python version 3?

import platform

It shows 2.7.10!

Glyphs uses the system python. I’m working on support for Python 3. Up until now it would created to much incompatibilities for plugin-makers. It still is but we have to switch on some point.