Scripts in Glyphs3 Doesn't work

Hello, I have updated my operating system to Monterey, I have recently bought Glyphs3 but when I try to install the Scripts (it doesn’t matter if I clone them from Git or install them from the Plugins Manager) I don’t see them nor can I use them. No matter how many times I have restarted the software or the OS, they do not load. Does anyone know what’s up? Thank you

You need to install Python. See Window > Plugin Manager > Modules.

More info and step-by-step guide in the Extending Glyphs tutorial.

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Yes, I followed the tutorial, but Python version doesn’t appears.
Update, I’m installing: pip3 install “pyobjc<=8.4”
maybe that could be work

Relaunch Glyphs. Is the Python version preference still empty?

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Work with this command: python3 -m pip install “pyobjc<=8.4”
Everything works now. Thank you

If you use the “Glyphs” python, you don’t need to install pyobjc. And you don’t need to install that older version any more. The problem why that was needed is fixed.