Scroll between layers

Hello, I’m trying to scroll between the layers. I set up a shortcut but it still doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

Also, Can I use a single key as a shortcut? I was trying to set the left and right brackets to scroll between the layers, but the shortcut must have an additional keystroke.

Thank you.

Scroll? You mean switch from one layer to the next with View > Navigation > Next Layer? The shortcut you set in app preferences needs combo keys (Cmd and/or Ctrl) and must not collide with anything else. Just the bracket is not possible because you would not be able to type a bracket anymore.

Thank you for your answer. Yes, just scroll. I set the left and right bracket with Cmd, I can see the new shortcut in the menu, but it still, doesn’t work. So weird.

Update - It works after restarting the app. Thank you for the help!

This is not called scrolling. The layers are simply selected.

True. I just wanted to navigate between them using shortcuts. Thanks!