Scroll Up/Down in TextView

Is there a way to scroll up/down (zoom in/out) in textview by large increments instead of the 30pt or so that are currently being used. Maybe adding another key for larger increments, alongside the Option?

You mean the Edit view? The whole thing is not made for large amounts of text in the first place. Consider using a dedicated app like InDesign or a browser for mass text setting, or setting up Sample Strings in Preferences through which you can step.

I mean that I use just a single pangram and I have to scroll up and down all the time to correct some visual mistakes on the path, so in +30pt I feel like I am scrolling all the time. But anyway, I thought there might be an additional shortcut that I didn’t know about.

What do you mean? Scrolling or zooming. If you zoom in and out a lot, you might be better of with the preview view to see the small size and have the big size in the edit view. That way you have both at the same time.
Or do you mean something else?

Doing it already, I prefer the bigger edit view though.

Cmd zero for zooming the layer to fit the window?

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Wow. Thank you!

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