Scrolling in preview panel?

When working on a font with many instances, previewing so many instances of a wide character like /m some of them are cut off. Resizing the panel to less height shows them all of course, but is then less useful to actually see the parts of glyphs I was looking into. Would a horizontal scroll bar be a good idea? Or how do you guys solve the issue?

edit: I mean the panel in the main app, not the detachable window. It works great with extra monitor, but I usually work on a laptop.

It is not a good idea to use the preview for a lot of text, as it will slow down the app. In that case, it makes more sense to use the Adobe Fonts folder:

I think he meant the show all instances mode.

You can deactivate some of the instances.

I also think scolling in the preview window would be good sometimes, such as here:

My test word is “geophysical” and it is cut off even though it would fit into the preview window.

Maybe this could be handles more elegantly? Centering the currently edited glyph is a good basic rule but if we are at the end or the beginning of the string then the preview text should be positioned horizontally so that as much of the string as possible is visible (i.e. avoiding empty space in the preview window).


That could at least be the case in the separate preview window, since I figure the point would be to show that other window in full screen. Having a more advanced separate preview window makes sense to me. I would love to see a cascading of an instance, or a word in each instance without having to change every time.

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