Search in Kerning list doesn't work properly

Somehow the search results in the Kerning list doesn’t work as expected. I was looking for a pair I knew it is in the master I am working on, but I couldn’t find it by using the search (ourglass) function in the Kerning list.

Could it be because I passed a unknown kerning pair limit ?
Font has 1,500+ glyphs, including smallcaps, alternates etc.

When looking it up manually:

Using search in Kerning list:

Preflight didn’t acknowledge any kerning issues. I am using the latest cutting edge version.

What is selected in the search options menu. Click the looking glass icon an Reset if needed.

That worked. Several options were activated. Don’t know how that happend.

But do the options result in ‘and’ or and/or’, when more than one is selected ?

It should be AND, but CMIIW.