Search returns not just glyph names?

When searching for glyphs matching a certain name, it also includes glyphs with that name in the metrics keys. Here i’m searching for raMedial, but the first glyph is yaMedial_waMedial_haMedial-myanmar.short

The right sidebearing of that glyph is =|raMedial-myanmar

It’s a bit unexpected when relying on search to build classes based on glyph names.

actually it’s even stranger.

None of those blue glyphs have raMedial anywhere in the name or metrics keys. What’s going on?

Do you use glyph notes? Those also get searched by default. Click the search glass and select the Name option to search only by name.

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Ahhhh, I hadn’t spotted that little dropdown, thank you.

It’s quite possible there are glyph notes, this file was made by other designers. I don’t even know how to view notes actually

Glyph notes are only visible in List View and via scripting, but you can install the Glyph Notes plugin to show the notes at all time in the palette.