Second set of diacritics by stylistic set not positioned properly

I’m working on a Hebrew font with diacritics.
I want to have 2 sets of diacritics, 1 a bit bigger than the other.

So I duplicated and scaled up all the diacritics, renamed them & put them in a stylistic set.
But - they don’t get positioned by their anchors :frowning:.

Is this because the base letters also have to be from the same stylistic set?!


Make sure the glyph properties for the marks in the stylistic set are correct. Cmd-alt-i in the main window will bring up the glyph properties dialog, and you need to make sure they are set as Hebrew script, nonspacing marks. Duplicating the original marks would not have preserved the glyph properties, unfortunately, and if the properties are not correct they won’t attach to anything.

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What are the names of the alternate marks?

Thanks, that solved the problem!!!

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