Select All Layers Tool

I have got an (understanding?) problem with the function of the »Select All Layers« Tool.

I know that you have to enable the little Eye icons in the layer palette for all the layers you want to edit. But It seems to show only the main layer and the one you select in the list. Is that on purpose? How can I edit genuinely all layers at once?

Works for me. Select the tool and activate the layers. Can you send me a screenshot of the layer panel?

I can reproduce it. It currently gives you access to all master layers and color layers, plus the current layer. I cannot access multiple non-master, non-color layers.

I agree that the user expectation is to work on all visible layers, and this is also what the Handbook states in the Color Fonts chapter. So I’ll file this as a bug report.

I see.

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Just a note: I am not working with color fonts or color layers. Just trying to do smart components.

Here are the screenshots (Select All Layers tool active, eyes active, different results with different layers selected in the list) :

That makes sense. Thanks for your input.

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I enabled it for smart glyphs for now.

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