Select Composites

Is it possible to (one click or a script) to select just a composites?

You mean selecting components in a glyph with paths?
Just click on it.

Or display all glyphs where the current glyph is used as a component?
Right-click > Show all glyphs that use this glyph as a component.

I mean in the main window with - Categories - All; (click something) - > Select all composites, and it select letters with diacritics, .sinf (from .sups), fractions (from .numr and .dnom) etc.
Everything built with “borrowed” paths. At once.

You can set up a custom filter that gives you all glyph with components.

Wise. Danke.

With a custom filter it is easy to hide components or non-components, but if you want to see everything you can set the font window in list view, add the components column, sort by it and go back to cell view.
(sorry for reviving this ancient topic, but I was puzzled with the same question)

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