Select path, but not letters anymore?

that new feature to select nearest paths with dbl-click is really handy. now I wonder, how to select another letter in a string of an edit tab. this was done by dbl-clicking on it, now - of course - only a path from the current glyph gets selected. it is quite exhausting to switch back to the type tool (T), navigate to the other glyph, switch back to edit §, and so on (if that would be your suggestion). any ideas or a new way to do this? thanks anyway, i like the feataure in general.

As a workaround you can either:

  • switch to the Text tool (shortcut key T), move to the next letter (rightarrow) and switch back to Edit mode (Esc)


  • go to previous/next letter with Fn-rightarrow (Home/End keys on extended keyboards)

thats what i said: using the text tool is not a nice way. when you are working on several glyphs next to each other and gonna go back and forth, the clicks for switching the tools all the time just add and add. also it is a »workaround« as you wrote, which already tells, that it might not be the most intuitive, workflow supporting thing.

second suggestion is also not suitable. imagine to have a string like »asge…« whaterver and are simultaniuosly working on the s and the g. no way! sorry

all i want to say, is that doubble clicking on the certain glyph you want to instantly work on was working perfectly and gotta need a better substitution than a) using other »tools« to get this done or neither b) changing your word string (you might want to work often in relation of one letter between certain other letters)

maybe sth. like cmd-doubleclick? that would feel like the next intuitive thing, and is not used so far?

I already fixed this. Will update soon.

nice, thank you!

The update is online. Now it accepts a bigger distance then before so you need to be somewhere near the path to select it.

thanks for being so super quick on that. feels nice so far. i hope this is satisfying other users as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for implementing this Georg, very handy feature!