Select same name layers with shortcut?

It would be an immense help if I could, eg. by pressing Cmd + mouse click, select all the layers of the same name without having to to hold down Cmd and click on each layer one by one.

For the bracket layers, it may be better to have an alternate glyph, see the tutorial:

Well, George got bracket layers partially working this morning, and I’d really like to avoid creating a lot of manual exceptions because they are error prone and time consuming to maintain.

These switching glyphs are a nightmare to work with – for all involved. But the ship has left the shore on that one.

The problem was with the handling of the feature variation code, not the bracket layers. so the individual glyphs wouldn’t helped here.

The tutorial might mention to keep the different break points to a minimum. Meaning to have the same values instead of slightly different ones.

Yes please. I was (and I’m likely not alone on this one) unaware of the global consequences of one glyph’s local bracket layer definitions. I still don’t know what any of those things are in any detail, but I’d love an explanation on the tutorial/guide page.

The same goes for the requirement of having brace layers in ‘rectangle’ configuration. I have yet to find out why that is so.

That is a general requirement of master setup for OTVAR in Glyphs. Delta calculation is reliable that way.

Great that know so much about it, put it in the learn article.