Selecting a single stroke component

I am having a problem with selecting a component which is a single stroke. There is no chance to click on it. Single stroke components also do not preview. I helped my self with something i call “parent component“ - a grip and applied it to all my single stroke components. If i click/select the grip area i can edit the component. Actually I ask if there are any other options to select a single stroke component.

you can select a component by pressing the option key and dragging a rect over it.

yes, i can option/drag rect over it, but i still cannot double click it to edit it, unless i click the “grip“ point i did. this is the pict of my solution. also shows no preview of single stroke component.

[imgs=]selecting a single stroke component[/imgs]

Instead of double-clicking, you can also click the little arrow in the grey info bar (cmd-shift-I) when the component is selected.

well, this is good advice. thx. it works fine. i hope Georg can fix preview issue in following upgrade.