Selecting a specific brace layer for multiple glyphs in text edit view


Is there currently a way to select a certain brace layer for more than one glyph at once?

For instance, I want to change all glyphs I’ve typed in the text edit window to {92} or {120} or whatever. Right now, I’m having to bring my cursor before each and every glyph and clicking the brace layer, one glyph at a time. When I highlight multiple glyphs — in fact, even one glyph — the Layers panel only shows the masters.

I know I can choose a specific instance at the bottom (via the eye icon) to preview all the glyphs in that instance, which is great, but what I want is to have them in the text edit window so I can measure things and edit the glyphs directly.

And I know about the script that opens a new tab with all glyphs with brace layers, but that’s also not exactly what I want.

I tried searching the forum but couldn’t find anything. If anyone has seen this question come up before, please kindly point me to the post. If not, does anyone know how to do what I’ve described?

Thanks a lot!

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There’s a script in the mekkablue scripts which might help you, called something like find and replace in layer names.

Hi Rainer,

Thanks for your reply.

I’m not trying to replace a layer or change anything, really. I just want to be able to see whatever glyphs I type in a specific weight. For example, if I have “abc” typed in the text edit view, I want to be able to select all three characters and just click on one of the brace layers (if they all have the same layers added) from the Layers panel to see them in that weight and be able to edit them in context.

Do you have any suggestions?

Try the mekkablue script Interpolation > New Tab with Special Layers.