Selecting all the glyphs inside a class

Maybe I sound like a newbie but Is any script to select all the glyphs that are in a specific class? Lets say I have created a class called xx and I want to quickly select all of them

Copy class names and create a list

What do you mean with create a list? I need to select all of them like when select work script used to work.

OpenType class or kerning group?


Then what @avantino said is a viable way. He meant a list filter in font view. I’ll see if I can write a script that opens a new tab with all glyphs in a class.

Maybe a script that select the glypgss in the class and let me color them? Btw the select same colors script is not working.

I just uploaded a script to my repo called Features > New Tab with OT Class. It will open a new tab with all glyphs in a class. You can then proceed to do with the glyphs whatever you like, including coloring them.

It is, I just tested it again. Glyph colors and layer colors are two different things, though. There is a separate script for selecting layer colors.

EDIT: The Select Same Layer Color script was broken, and did not work in the latest app versions. Fixed now.

Thank you!