Selection is lost after copy/paste

When I’m copy/pasting a number of glyphs in the font view (where all glyphs are listed), the selection is always lost.

For example, I need to create alternates for é ê ë è – é.ss01 ê.ss01 ë.ss01 è.ss01. I select these glyphs in their regular appearance (é ê ë è), and paste them. “001” is added to their names but the selection is lost so if I need to rename and then rebuild them, I need to select them manually again (using search by name “001” for renaming and then again for “ss01” and then selecting them manually).
It wouldn’t be a big issue if it was just a couple of glyphs. But when you are doing dozens of alternates for dozens of glyphs - it pains a lot.

The issue has been in place for quite a while now, I just didn’t know how to explain this properly.
Any chance you can fix this?

True. I can reproduce it.

It may be better to make it with either option of “Special Paste”;
anyhow, If I got your point; why not creating alternates of several glyphs by using “Duplicate Glyph” at once?
Also you can {keep Alternates next to base glyph} by checking this in settings… then you rename them after duplication?!

One solution I have used in such a case:

  1. After the glyphs are all first selected, apply an unused color to the cells.
  2. When I need to select them all again, select one of them, then run the script Select Same Color.

The script is one of Mekkablue’s and is quite a timesaver.

Rainer, do you think there is a chance to get this fixed in one of the next updates?

Thanks, George, I’ll try this for now!

I marked it as bug for Georg, but we cannot promise a date. Depends on the bug: if it is an easy one, it will be fixed in the next cutting edge update, or it can be one of those hard-to-trace things that may take a little longer.

Thank you!

I fixed it. Will be in the next update.

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Until the next update… this may also be a way to resolve it;
Operations should be done via a “new tab” of the concerned glyphs Not on the main Glyphs window.
(check the video)

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Thank you, Avantino.
The problem is that you won’t want to rename 280+ glyphs manually, will you? :slight_smile: