Selection of multiple custom parameters in .glyphsproject

When editing a .glyphsproject file it is not possible to select multiple custom parameters at a time like you can when working with custom parameters in a .glyphs file. This is handy when you want to copy and paste a lot of custom parameters from one export to another.

Which exact app version are you using? And can you describe exact steps for reproducing the issue?

I am using 3.1 (3133).

Select an export instance in a .glyphsproject with a multiple custom parameters.
Highlight one of the parameter rows, then press shift and try to select other parameters.

Then try to do the same thing in the Exports tab of a .glyphs file. Here you can select more than one item at a time.

It actually doesn’t affect just custom parameters but any item in the export window.

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I have fixed it.

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