Serif as Corner Component - Need help

I can not correctly insert a serif as a component. What am I doing wrong?

Corner.glyphs (1.7 KB)

Pay attention to the path direction in the corner glyph. It needs to be counter-clockwise. I think that may be the issue here. Reverse the path direction with Paths > Reverse Contours.

More info in the Reusing Shapes: Corner Components tutorial.

Yes, I followed this article, but I didn’t do it correctly.
Changing the direction of the contour did not give the desired result (

That first node (the top one) needs to be on the left side bearing (x == 0). Select the path and move it to the left until the that node has a diamond shape around it, indicating that it’s at the side bearing. That should fix the issue.

Looking at your example .glyphs file, shifting that path in the corner glyph 105 units to the left should fix the issue.

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it works!!