Serif components


I decided to manage serifs like it is suggested in the blog’s post

I like the way I can align a component and any point, but editing is a terrible experience. When a top right corner is on 0,0 and all paths are on the left, they overlay preceding glyph and I have to type space. When I sometimes miss a point when selecting, I enter editing mode of another glyph.

I don’t know if it can be improved somehow… Maybe an additional reference point that could be used instead of an origin 0,0 ?

The idea with the additional reference point is good. Will implement this. Thanks

Great :slight_smile:

I implemented this. You can add a “origin” anchor to the serif component.

Ok thanks. How to make it work? Version 1.3.19 (471)

I put a new anchor named “origin” into a component, but it still aligns selection to 0,0 point not to anchor?

Just implemented it last night. Will be available with the next update.

There is an issue with components that are flipped vertically and horizontally. They seem to be aligning not to origin anchor but to 0,0 point.

Fixed it, thanks.

Perhaps this is related?

  • Ainvertedbreve made up of two components: A and top anchor is set on A.
  • is made up of the component but flipped on the horizontal. _top anchor is set on

In Glyphs 1.3.19 (452) beta 12, in the Font View, Ainvertedbreve looks like an A with the breve shifted down (overlapping the A). When in Edit View, it sometimes shows the correct inverted breve above the A and then sometimes as a breve overlapping the A. When zooming in/out (using the pinch/expand gesture on the trackpad or with Zoom menu or keys), it also flips between the two versions while briefly showing the filled outline version to the right side.

The Preview area seems to flip between the inverted breve above and the breve below (back and forth).

In Glyphs 1.3.17, everything looks fine.

You need to add an _top anchor in the, too. This is already fixed.
Understood. In 1.3.17, Glyphs seemed to use the _top anchor from the component since the internal display and the resultant .otf all seemed to show the inverted breve at the appropriate position. I was assuming that the anchors were being inherited from the component if not set in the glyph. I'll set specific anchors, now.