Serif with Display and Text version

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I’m working on a Serif where i would like to have both a Display(for headlines) and a Text (optimized for smaller copy). Right now i’ve just created two sets of masters(Thin & Black Display + Thin & Black Text) and set an Axes called “Optical size”. The good thing about keeping them in the same glyphs-file is that i can keep it as a variable font.
But what is the best practise when exporting it as non-variable?
Is it ok to have the “Family name” and “Style name” likes this:
Fontname Serif — Thin Text
Fontname Serif — Thin Display
Fontname Serif — Regular Text
Fontname Serif — Regular Display
Fontname Serif — Bold Text
Fontname Serif — Bold Display
(Family name — Style name)

etc. or should it rather be:
Fontname Serif Text — Thin
Fontname Serif Text — Regular
Fontname Serif Text — Bold
Fontname Serif Display — Thin
Fontname Serif Display — Regular
Fontname Serif Display — Bold
(Family name — Style name)


There is no one correct answer. Personally, I prefer optical sizes split into separate families, but keeping them all in the same family would work as well.

Thanks for the reply.
Ok, if i split it up into separate families, would i then have to split the glyph-file up into two? or is there a way to tag it as some kind of subfamily or? Because it would be easier to develop in one file, but also so the variable still work :slight_smile:

How do you mean, split into different files? In order to have separate family names? This is not necessary.

For the static instances, you can add a parameter (in the “General” section of the instance) called Localized Family Name, where you add the name of the family. Bonus: you can add another parameter called Variable Style Name to make the style name appear as Display Regular when exporting as a variable font.

Family Name: Myfont

Instance Name: Regular
Localized Family Name: Myfont Display
Variable Style Name: Display Regular


Just a side note: for the variable font, consider putting Optical Size axis first, and then naming the instances as following, to have a nicer menu organization:
Fontname Serif — Text Thin
Fontname Serif — Text Regular
Fontname Serif — Display Thin
Fontname Serif — Display Regular

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Thank you so much guys for the help! It works really well.