Serious curve errors

When I copy paste from FLS I get this problem very often:

Is this a known bug and is there a workaround? Sometimes it works to change path direction. But if you than add another point it happens again.

can you send me the .vfb that causes this and a screenshot what you have selected in FLS when you copy?

Looks like there is a TrueType curve in the FontLab glyph.

I converted all the glyphs to Postscript in FLS before I started copying them.
Just to be sure I tested it again, and this is the result (left):

Can you send me the .vfb?
And you know that you can export the hole file from FLS to Glyphs?

The file is in the mail. It’s the same as yesterday though. :wink:

I’m gonna try to export the old FLS file right away. I started just testing some options, but realize now that I’m far enough to do it the right way. Makes sense to prevent more errors.