Set anchors not lining up automatically

Hi. I’ve done this before in recent files, but when I go to set my anchors, the accent marks do not line up with the anchors on the base letter glyph. The “Disable Automatic Alignment” option is not checked, and I’m using the combing marks for this.

I’ve found I can open a glyph and select the mark component and enable it to automatically align, but before I didn’t have to do that. The base glyph and mark were both enabled to automatically align. I’m doing the same process I’ve done in the past and it’s not working currently. I’m using Version 2.5b (1084). Thanks.

@Adam, late last week I reported something that appears to be related which started in Build 1083. Until this problem is fixed, you can work around it by reverting to Build 1082. If you don’t have it archived, you can download it here:

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@George_Thomas Thanks so much for the info and link. Using 1082 did indeed resolve it as I repeated my process and everything automatically aligned properly. Much appreciated for your help. I suppose we’ll just watch for this to be fixed in upcoming builds.