Set Anchors / Reset Anchors / Ogonek anchor position

I combined some questions, requests under one title which I think are related to each other:

  1. Set Anchors.
    A lovely feature, but smth’s been bothering me. It sets anchors that I don’t use - topleft, topright and ogonek. I understand it’s not an issue, don’t need them don’t use them, but I’d rather not have them generated at all. So how do I do it? Is there a plug-in that allows me to select a certain anchor on all glyphs and have them edited or removed? I remember I couldn’t find it within plugins. I’m not a programmer so I don’t understand Python, but if Python is the solution then I’d be glad to know how.

  2. Ogonek anchor position.
    So let’s say I do want to have all these automatically set anchors. All looking good for me except for ogonek position. Can it be generated the same way topleft is generated? Sort of bottomright? When I need it I generally edit its position glyph by glyph but something quicker would help me a lot.

  3. Reset Anchors.
    This is most likely a feature request. To make Glyphs reset anchors every time Set Anchors is used/pressed/clicked, so no need for an extra command under the name Reset Anchors.


There is a script called Anchors > Delete Anchors in the mekkablue scripts.

Look into Anchors > Anchor Mover 2 in the same repository. It moves specified anchors to specified (relative) positions.

Reset Anchors already exists, so that would be a feature removal request. Why take away the possibility to just add missing anchors? I use that a lot, I am pretty sure I am not the only one. We would need a pretty good reason to make all these people change their workflow. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the reply.
I’ll see about that script.
Regarding the last request, yes it seems it’s a feature removal request. I also use it a lot, but then I’m thinking:
Let’s say I corrected path direction on a certain glyph, then edited something on the same glyph and I need to correct the path direction again. But to do that I don’t need to apply re-correct path direction, I just apply correct path direction again and it automatically fixes it.
So my question is: Why does Set Anchors tool have a standalone Re-Set when other features don’t?

Because that logic (setting and resetting) does not appear in other features. Correcting path direction does not add or remove paths, so setting or resetting would not make sense there.

Reset Anchors (Cmd-Opt-U) will delete all existing anchors before inserting the defaults.

I just read this in the handbook, then I guess it does makes sense then. I just never use it that way. I use it to re-position default anchors whenever I edit side bearings.


The Set/Reset Anchors function is not meant to be used like that. For some anchors/letters that might work but in almost all cases you need to move them manually. There are some functions that help with that. Select one or two nodes and an anchor and press Cmd+Shift+A. That will centre the anchor on the nodes.

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You don’t say… That is the only way I’ve been using reset anchors and it always worked for me, meaning it always centers all anchors according to the new adjustments I make to either width or side bearings. Interesting. Thanks for Cmd+Shift+A tip. Though I’ve adapted myself to use Wacom with Glyphs and I have almost all commands that I use most show up as buttons on Wacom’s custom express key panels. That is actually the main reason I asked this question, I have Set Anchors and Reset Anchors buttons next to each other and I felt that I could save a button if Set/Reset did the same thing.


In that case, why not always use ‘Reset’? And use the other button for the Cmd+Shift+A. There are a bunch of function depending on the selection.

Will certainly consider it, it’s just that I didn’t know about that Cmd+Shift+A command before now. Thank you!

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I’ve been wondering this as well. Why does the ogonek anchor always generate in odd positions? To me, it would make sense for it to always generate on the baseline; perhaps on the node/path that is furthest to the right on the baseline.

I under Georg’s comment that most generated anchors need to be moved, but the ogonek anchor is the only one that always needs to be moved. Anchors like top, topright and center often generate exactly where I need them.

The o and e don’t have any anchors anywhere near where the ogonek anchor needs to go.
For the _ogonek it could be place at the nearest node.

My ogonek anchors usually generate somewhere random like this. I don’t think they should ever generate above the baseline, but they do.


Why not have them generate where the path crosses the baseline, as in the “manually corrected” one in the image? That’s pretty close to where I would normally put them.

On the round glyphs, I always put them above the baseline. So that depends very much on the design and the designer.

OK, fair enough :+1:t2:. I suppose ogonek anchors are maybe too tricky to have a solution that suits everyone.

I have different positions in different letters, and adapted ogoneks. For the e, I hook it up at the rightmost node of the terminal stroke.