Set Anchors wrong anchor positions after 3200 update


I updated to 3200 and have been having weird behavior on set anchors. The top anchors are getting generated assuming all characters are hitting the “ascender line” rather than lets say the top ancher getting created on the cap height for uppercases or xheight for lower etc. The center anchors are also offset, they center the distance between the asc and baseline rather than cap or xheight. This seems to be only happening in my working files. When I create a new Glyphs file the auto anchor placements (through set/reset anchors) seem to be working properly. I’m wondering if I need to edit something in the fontInfo for Glyphs to pull the correct Anchor positions.


Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Is there an email I can use?

Just sent an email to support at this domain. Hope that was the correct one.

It was :slight_smile: