Set component to mask across multiple masters

I have created blackCircled arrows with two components like so:

Now I need to mask the upArrow.small component in the resulting glyph so that it looks correctly. Is there a way to set components to mask for all masters across multiple glyphs? Maybe already when creating the glyphs with a recipe?

Does someone know a solution for this?

Can you show some screenshots that demonstrate what you are trying do?

Hi and thanks for the reply.
We have actually found a solution with using a short script. Just for future reference I will write down what we did.

We want to build circled glyphs from components “_part.blackCircle” + “upArrow.small” and use a recipe to create the glyphs. We did this for arrows but the same applies to circled numbers and letters.

After creating the glyphs, the arrow is not visible behind the blackCircle. Only when you set the arrow as mask, it is masked from the shape. This can easily be done from the interface for each glyph, but we wanted to save some time by doing it for all glyphs at once.

To set one component to mask for multiple glyphs at once, select the glyphs first, then run this script:

for selection in Font.selectedLayers:
	for layer in selection.parent.layers:
		layer.components[1].attributes["mask"] = 1

This looks strangely familiar, do we know each other? :wink:

do you need that arrow anywhere else other that together with the black circle? If so, you can just reverse the outline the arrow glyph. Then you don’t need the mask bit.

They’re also used in white circled glyphs, so I’m afraid this is the most sensible way.