Set font gradient direction

Hi, I’ve been experimenting with color fonts and found out that I can create SVG fonts with gradients using your tutorial on the subject.

Now I see that the gradient direction is always set at 315 degrees. I can’t find any input field to set the direction of the gradient, is there something I’m missing here?

Check those gray dots in the top right and lower left. Those can be used to position the gradients.

Thanks, maybe this should be made more clear in the tutorial…

The “Option C: native Color layers” workflow seems to be the most intuitive way of creating an SVG based colorfont with gradients. Up until now I’ve experimented with COLR/CPAL and found it to be fairly easy to work with, but this might be even better when I don’t have to copy-paste and edit things in an SVG editor etc.

After a bit of testing it seems to work fine on my Mac with Pixelmator Pro.

The most annoying part about working with COLR/CPAL is that you have to switch a lot between layers, but I haven’t found any font editor that’s managed to create a way of working with colors that’s as easy as working with a general purpose vector design application, up until now Glyphs seems to be the closest.