Set path direction for entire font

i’m interested if there is an action like in fontlab setting path direction to PS-curves or to TT-curves? so i could be sure all glyphs have the same direction at export, without having a look at each glyph before.

Select all glyphs in the font tab. Then Layers > Correct Path Direction.

nope, if i do that the “A” will be clockwise and the “B” counterclockwise. Any idea?

There are very few cases where the automatic path direction fails.

Can you send me the .glyphs file for testing?

Sure. Sent an eMail to info@…

Thanks for the font. I could improve the algorithm to handle your paths.

Hi, the correct paths direction changes my initial point of the path to the top right of every path. That is useful but also makes users that have a specific workflow (for example I like my initial point at bottom right of all the shapes) change their methodology and loose some control over the design. Is it impossible to change the directions of the paths but keep the initial points where we want?