Set ROS GB1-5,and get a 「Makeotf error」

I need GB1-5 ,to make my font in Chinese simplified,but always get this error

what can i do? could you help me?


It seems that he font is missing the glyph N.full.

I don’t quite understand what is N.full

i haven’t started draw latin characters yet。

how to repair it ?

i think i didn’t miss glyph, because if I change ROS into 「CNS1-6」or「identity-0」 ,Glyphs can export OTF successfully。

only 「GB1-5」 will make a Error like that

N.full is a full-width version of Latin N. If you specify a standard character set, Glyphs expects that you have all necessary characters.

Maybe the app could be updated so that it automatically adds missing glyphs but in blank?

thank u for reply, but in fact i meet this problem after I set the ROS (GB1-5) .

when i add ( N.full) ,i meet this

It seems like there are many required glyphs still missing, not just n.full.

See here the Adobe Technote with the complete set:

If you add the glyphs with the respective Unicode values using the uniXXXX naming scheme, they are renamed automatically.

If you define a ROS (other than identity-0) and don’t have any features defined, Glyphs loads a GSUB resource (from Adobe). That assumes that you have a full character set. In your case, you need to add some features, by clicking the Update button in Font Info > Features.

I think I understand what you mean,yes,i didn’t define any features,

dear Georg can you tell me how can i add a right feature so that i can solve this

thank you!

thank you !!!
i get it after i clicking 「Update」

but now a new problem: many glyphs change into 「NO GLYPH」

in fact i have finished the glyphs,why show me「NO GLYPH」?

How are you installing the font? This may be a font cache problem. Read this please:

We recommend using the Adobe Fonts folder:

How did you name those glyphs. Do they have a proper Unicode? Are they part of the ROS?

i think they are named right (for example add glyphs:uni9762) and it really is part of ROS GB1-5。

for example :面,in GB1-5

and mine :

but finally get a 「NOGLYPH」in illustrator when i type it

dear Georg ,This 「NOGLYPH」problem has been bothering me,
i dont know how to solve it

Could you send me the .glyphs file (to support at this domain)?

I have sent you an email,with .glyphs

thank u!