Setting a default path width while using the pen tool

I have to reverse engineer one of my fonts, adding dozens of path elements per glyph to make it work again. With a long project you sometimes make choices that backfire years later ;).

The glyph will now be entirely stroke based, and I was wondering: Is there any way to set or a default width for a path while drawing with the pen tool? Perhaps overriding through the macro panel.

Yes, I can work around it, setting the width when I have finished drawing, but this can lead to unintended results as sometimes the paths don’t overlap as nice as I expect, and I rather would see it while working.

Thanks in advance!

There’s a mekkablue script called Batch Set Path Attributes. It’s for existing paths though. Will have a look.

I’ll see what I can do.

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Thank you! And yeah, currently I was batching after finishing drawing, but sometimes path overlap leads to different results. Similarly, as it’s a variable font, some stroke connections give export errors which I can spot easier with a line.

Again a reminder to test-export the variables before going too deep, as I’ll have to backtrack some connections once more ;).