Setting Axes custom parameter

font.customParameters[‘Axes’] = [“Testing”,“Willing”,“Looping”,“Jumping”]

The above code will successfully set up the Axes custom paramater but it automatically assigns the first four letters of the descriptor as the 4 letter code. Is there a way to set this at the same time? I thought the below was logical but has the same effect as above.

font.customParameters[‘Axes’] = { ‘testing’: ‘TOOG’, ‘willing’: ‘WOOG’, ‘looping’: ‘LOOG’ }

Have you tried
print Font.customParameters["Axes"]


looping = LOOG;
testing = TOOG;
willing = WOOG;

doesn’t update the UI though even after save and reopen.

Reverse engineered. Thanks Georg. I was a bit slow on the uptake!

Name = Weight;
Tag = wght;
Name = Width;
Tag = wdth;

working format for anyone else looking…

font.customParameters[‘Axes’] = [ {“Name”:“Testing”,“Tag”: “TOOG”}, {“Name”:“Looping”,“Tag”: “LOOG”} ]

won’t work unless it’s wrapped in square brackets even .

Are you sure?