Setting kerning pairs

don’t know why, while I’m setting up kerning pairs for hand script font, it seems doesn’t work anymore. I try to use the same left & right sidebearings for group of glyphs, but kerning is not working as it used to be.

Can you post a screenshot of the full window when you are in edit mode that shows the not working kerning?

hi there, sorry as I’m having difficulty to upload the screenshot for you

You should be able to upload an image now.

not really, as it keeps showing ‘processing upload’…
is there any other way I can share the screen shot with you? thanks.

When it says that, it should work eventually. How big is the file?
You can put the file in Dropbox or wetransfer and post a link.

the file is 447kb, is it too big?

You need to set kerning groups. Please read this: Kerning | Glyphs

ok, will check it out later. thank you so much! may i come back to you for more advice if I have further questions.