Setting OS/2 table to V4

Hey folks,

I’m still using V1.3 so this question may be redundant.

Is it possible to Change the OS/2 table to V4?

I’m particularly interested in enabling bit 7.

Bit 7 was specified in OS/2 table v. 4. If fonts created with an earlier version of the OS/2 table are updated to the current version of the OS/2 table, then, in order to minimize potential reflow of existing documents which use the fonts, the bit would be set only for fonts for which using the OS/2.usWin* metrics for line height would yield significantly inferior results than using the OS/2.sTypo* values. New fonts, however, are not constrained by backward compatibility situations, and so are free to set this bit always.

I can change the table outside of GlyphsApp. However, I prefer to use as little external editors/hacks as possible.


This is indeed available in Glyphs 2. There is a custom parameter ‘Use Typo Metrics’.
But why do you use version 1.3? The latest version of Glyphs 1 is 1.4.5.

Thanks Georg,

Yes, apologies 1.3 was a slip up. I’m using V1.4.5