Setting the colour label

Is there a way to set the colour label for all glyphs open in the Edit tab (i.e. when in text tool)? That would be super useful. Such as selecting all and right-clicking.

Will look into this.


I think this would be extremely useful sometimes.

Maybe it could be done as a more general feature such as:

• When I select text in an edit tab and then switch to the font tab then the selection there comprises all (and only) those glyphs selected in that edit tab I came from.


• A filter i the font tab like “Only glyphs that ocur in the first edit tab”.

All I want is to colour (or distinguish otherwise) a set of glyphs, given by a Unicode text string. I know I can do this by macro but since Glyphs allows pasting of Unicode text (in the edit window), and it has the concept of colouring glyphs, it should not be a big deal to make this possible through the standard UI.

would there also be a way to customize the colors? like for scripting them? i am often not too happy with the limited color palette.

would like to know what others think about that

would like to bump tims request as well.

for instance if you go through your font glyph by glyph and want to mark the ready ones, it would also be unbelievable useful to do it from the edit tab.

I added it to the context menu of the text tool.

oh man, i was searching all over the little gray field w/ all the glyphname, unicode, sidebearings, … but this is perfect, thanks! sorry for overlooking

Sorry, I don’t understand. Is this in the current release already? I cannot find it (I am using build 565). In the context menu of the text tool, I only get “Copy Glyph Names” and “Services”.

in the text tool for me neither, but if you are in the V (arrow/selecting-tool) it appears in the context menu

That works for me and is useful but it was not my initial request.

I would like to set the colour label for all glyphs open in the Edit tab.

It will be in the next release.

right. nice, thank you georg!



It would be a nice touch if in the pop-up menu there was some feedback on current color label (assuming it’s the same for all selected glyphs).

There should be a small border around the existing colors.

Ah I see it now.