Several non-typesetting/glyph-nonexclusive elements would be great

I value the specialty of typography and sometime might want to play with planning text styles, however I got this application over Fontlabs stuff since it was macintosh explicit and I was captivated by the name ‘Glyphs’ thinking it saw things as conventional glyphs predominately. What’s more, I truly love the glyph manager and look and feel.

It would be would be exceptionally valuable to image and craftsmanship originators by and large, who need to make more liberated structure glyphs to have client adaptable headings (like “Other” and “Images” headings on the textual style tab) and the capacity to re-request glyphs by hauling them around with the goal that one can group and orchestrate their glyphs as per their necessities, doing whatever it takes not to resemble a standard text style, or utilizing standard UNICODE mappings.