SF Symbols Template not working with Beta 3

Good day, I tried using my previous SF Symbols from way before into the new SF Symbols 3 Beta version, but alas, they make their app crash. I had a nice session with the gentlepeople from their team at the WWDC an hour ago, and they said it’s because the template is from V1, and that one is currently unsupported.

Obviously, I’d really like to have the new bells and whistles being importable and exportable, but I’d at least be happy with supporting the “static” version, and from what I’ve seen, it’s really a tiny amount of changes.

I tried changing the .svg template inside the plug-in, but I guess it’s just different enough to make Glyphs not recognize it anymore.

Is it possible to have a version that at least can import and export a compatible version of the SVGs for the Static model version, so the new features can work ?

I made it mostly work. They changed two things. The curves are defined by quadratic curves and the side-bearings can be defined for all masters (but are not always defined on all of them). The later I still need to implement. And I only had a very brief look at the color support.

That’s awesome! Thank you!

From listening to many talks on SF Symbols, they added the possibility to only save one or a few of the multiple glyphs too. They slightly renamed the bounds. And they now have a very clear importance on having the proper symbol paths ordering.

you can now define them as primary, secondary or tertiary hierarchical order for automatically grayed out versions.

And you can have colouring applied too.

But at least if the monochrome versions can be exported, I’d be real happy.

Sorry to bother again, I noticed the exportation from G3 also is broken in some cases, even by staying in V1.

Some shapes seem to export at 10x the size so no good reason. For something that was exporting in G2 of 2 years ago as:
<g id=“Ultralight-S” transform=“translate(515 696)”><path d=“M48.5,2.8c0.9,0,1.8-0.5,2.5-0.9c20.9-12.7,27.2-16.5,27.2-28.3v-28.7c0-4.3-1.1-5.7-5.2-7.3c-7-2.6-14.6-5.7-21.7-8.2c-1-0.3-1.8-0.6-2.8-0.6c-0.9,0-1.8,0.3-2.7,0.6c-7.1,2.6-14.8,5.6-21.8,8.2c-4.1,1.6-5.2,3-5.2,7.3v28.7c0,11.8,6.5,15.3,27.2,28.3c0.7,0.4,1.7,0.9,2.5,0.9Z”/></g>

Now gets exported as:
<g id=“Ultralight-S” transform=“translate(515 696)”><path d=“M485,28c9,0,18-5,25-9c209-127,272-165,272-283v-287c0-43-11-57-52-73c-70-26-146-57-217-82c-10-3-18-6-28-6c-9,0-18,3-27,6c-71,26-148,56-218,82c-41,16-52,30-52,73v287c0,118,65,153,272,283c7,4,17,9,25,9Z”/></g>

It might not be the export, after all, this project is 2 years old and got upgraded. So I might have to “fix” the font.

For ref, this is what gets exported

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">
<plist version="1.0">
				<string>494 -28 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>503 -23 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>510 -19 CURVE SMOOTH</string>
				<string>719 108 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>782 146 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>782 264 CURVE SMOOTH</string>
				<string>782 551 LINE SMOOTH</string>
				<string>782 594 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>771 608 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>730 624 CURVE SMOOTH</string>
				<string>660 650 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>584 681 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>513 706 CURVE SMOOTH</string>
				<string>503 709 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>495 712 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>485 712 CURVE SMOOTH</string>
				<string>476 712 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>467 709 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>458 706 CURVE SMOOTH</string>
				<string>387 680 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>310 650 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>240 624 CURVE SMOOTH</string>
				<string>199 608 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>188 594 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>188 551 CURVE SMOOTH</string>
				<string>188 264 LINE SMOOTH</string>
				<string>188 146 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>253 111 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>460 -19 CURVE SMOOTH</string>
				<string>467 -23 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>477 -28 OFFCURVE</string>
				<string>485 -28 CURVE SMOOTH</string>

Good day, thank you for having checked this a little bit. I’m just checking to see if there’s an ETA set to this issue.

I don’t mind fixing it manually, although it will be really time-consuming, by copy-pasting every single glyph my graph designer created to a new SF Symbols template in Sketch. But before, I’m checking with you if the fix seems to be nearing completion.

Hello! I know there are multiple high priority issues and I am far from being high priority for my exporter. I just want to know what are my best options here. Mac M1, latest OS. 1 year waiting on this thread.

Wait for it in G3?
Get a license of G2? Would that work on M1?
Better find alternatives