Shapeless additional component

I often have this kind of additional components that can’t be selected nor removed (numbered 3). what might cause it? (i don’t know), and how to deal with it? (i don’t know).

This is usually happens when i use “Magic Remover”.


it can (of course) be deleted using script.

That might be an empty path that was left by an operation. It would be good, if you could reproduce it. I would suspect a script doing this?

Let me see if i can reproduce this, and encounter another shape leftover.

if i have a glyph with path, and add a component to it, then delete the paths/shapes using ‘Magic Remover’.

The result is this.

seems like magic remover doesn’t remove an empty shape.

cc: @mekkablue

In this case, you don’t need the magic. Just hit Cmd+A and delete. The Select All command will only select path on the first go, Select All again and you get the components, too.

But yes, that is a problem with the script.

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