Share Pics of Fonts made with Glyphs


would love to have a section in the Forum for people to showcase the typefaces they’ve created (or are working on) with Glyphs. would be great to see what people have made!

of course, doesn’t have to be in the forum- could be a tumblr, facebook page, flickr pool etc.

people occasionally post to twitter, but would be great to have a community place where people can share.


This is what the design forum was intended for.

Most of the development of Millennial has been in Glyphs, and has been documents on this Typophile crit thread:

Very neat! Super impressive!

My font Clavo made only with Glyphs:

The font and the pictograms for the new Berlin airport was done with Glyphs.
Made by me together with xplicit and moniteurs.

And my latest font Graublau Slab was done in Glyphs:

You should definitely create the Glyphs Type Foundry!
With the best fonts designed with Glyphs.