Sharing components between masters?

Dear friends from Glyphs,
I write you because I’m doing a type family that it’s 1 basic sans but that has 3 options of different serifs.
I’ve organiced in 4 different masters (basic/sans, slab, rounded and bracketed)
I would like the basic shape to be connected through all the masters.
I thought that the basic ‘n’ as a component so if I tweek something in the ‘basic’ will change in the other masters… (now I’m in the moment of defining the basic shape)
But components look like they are not connected in between masters…

Is there any other solution to have a basic letter that if you change in one master, it will change in all masters?

Thanks a lot Kameraden

That is currently not possible.

One thing you could try is to use corner components and use different instances that replace the corners. But then you might get problems with the spacing. But it might be worth a try.

As a starter: Try one master and different instances. Swapping corner components is easy with the Rename Glyphs parameter, and you can use the Rounded Font filter for the rounding. It will get you pretty quickly pretty far.

I once had a project where a client could not decide on the shape of the serifs. So we created many sets of corner components, and in the instances, we swapped corner components. Worked pretty well.

Georg is right about the spacing. The designs are too different to share the same metrics. At one point you will have to split the designs into different files.

thanks very much! I’ll give it a try

thanks Reiner!