Shift and drag

When pressing down shift and dragging a letterform horizontally the letterform constantly disappears.

I cannot reproduce what you describe. Can you describe all steps you take?

Which version of the OS, and of Glyphs, are you using?

Do you use a wacom tablet?

OSX Version 10.8.5
Glyphs Version 1.4.3 (584)
Yes, I use a wacom tablet.


  1. select a letterform (cmdA) (sometimes the letterform isn’t closed, I’m not sure if that matters)
  2. click on the letterform and press shift to drag it along horizontally

This action works the first time but then the the letterform starts to disappear if repeated.

Can you try the latest beta of Glyphs 1.
Activate “Show cutting edge versions” in Preferences > Updates and click “Check Now”.

The behaviour is a known issue with the wacom driver and I have improved it a bit in the latest version.

Georg Seifert

I updated to the latest version and there were no more disappearing letters.