Shift increment

Is there a way to change the spacing/kerning increment on Shift to 5 rather than 10 units?


But you could scale the font to twice its UPM, work with increment of 10 shifts, and add a Scale to UPM 1000 parameter to your instance.


In new version of Glyphs is it still not possible? without changing the Scale?

There is a setting now, accessible through the defaults:

# Kerning increments:
Glyphs.intDefaults["GSKerningIncrementLow"] = 5
Glyphs.intDefaults["GSKerningIncrementHigh"] = 50 # with Shift
# Spacing increments:
Glyphs.intDefaults["GSSpacingIncrementLow"] = 2
Glyphs.intDefaults["GSSpacingIncrementHigh"] = 5 # with Shift

Introduced in Version 2.4


Made it for myself but leaving here for everyone else. You can setup this annoyingly long script to your liking and assign a shortcut in system preferences. The script will toggle the increments between a “lo” and “hi” settings…

# increments in this order: [kerning low, kerning high, spacing low, spacing high]
lo = [1,10,1,10]
hi = [5,20,5,20]

Thanks for this!!!

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